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  • GVM RGB-10s review 2020
    The GVM RGB-10s light is a great, and cheap, RGB light that gives you many ways of lightning your video, scene, or photos but is it worth it? So you […]
  • The Italian Dad Shop
    We’ve decided to start an online shop where we sell our unique designs. The shop (Europe Link – US Link) is dedicated on both the YouTube Channel, and Type 1 […]
  • Editing (and Gaming) Computer – the Beast!
    I can see you, out there, looking for the best editing (and gaming) computer you can buy for video editing, or even for gaming, and you are not sure what […]
  • The Corrupted Blood pandemic
    In 2005 one small coding error caused a pandemic that killed millions in the famous online game World of Warcraft – The Corrupted Blood pandemic. This event was forever remembered […]
  • The camera that went on the Moon
    The camera that went on the Moon In the summer of 1962, Walter Schirra, who would soon become America’s third man to orbit the Earth, walked into a Houston photo […]
  • History and mysteries of Ghost (Spirit) Photograph
    Ghost photography The history of ghost photography is closely tied to the history of photography itself. Early photography was a new technology in that enthusiasts had to become skilled with […]
  • Is the Canon sl2 (200d) worth in 2020?
    Salve a tutti! I’m Dom, The italian dad, and today we are going to find out if the Canon sl2/200d is worth buying in 2020 and if it’s the best […]
  • We are online!
    Finally the website is online! You will now be able not only to watch my videos on youtube, and interact with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but you’ll be […]
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