Editing (and Gaming) Computer – the Beast!

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I can see you, out there, looking for the best editing (and gaming) computer you can buy for video editing, or even for gaming, and you are not sure what to search for

Well, look no further! Here is the best computer you can get for the bucks that will be an amazing video editing and gaming machine!

This configuration was studied to achieve great results out of the CPU and RAM for best editing and rendering performance, we have the i9 CPU, that with the new one out has lost some $$$ from its price (great! this means it’s cheaper!), 32Gb of speedy fast RAM, two SSD with 1Tb of space available for your software, giving fast response from the OS and software; a GeForce RTX 2060 graphic card, yes I know it’s not the top of the tops, but it’s a great graphic card that does its job absolutely perfectly,  although is not much used on rendering (software like Premiere Pro uses the CPU for rendering) it’s used in video editing for lots of effects and After Effect work, plus is the most important bit for gaming! (and it’s used a lot in gaming!)

Head onto my kit.co page to find out more info about this computer and its specs, and to find the products you can directly buy from amazon!!!

What do you think of this configuration? Let me know in the comments down below! And don’t forget to share this article and check out the others!

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