Is the Canon sl2 (200d) worth in 2020?

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Salve a tutti! I’m Dom, The italian dad, and today we are going to find out if the Canon sl2/200d is worth buying in 2020

and if it’s the best budget friendly DSLR for people like you, or myself, that want to start a Youtube channel, or want to become a photographer, or filmmaker but have a tight budget.

The canon sl2/200d is a crop-sensor DSLR with 9 autofocus points and ISO range of… naaah, let’s not do another “review” like thousands you can find all over youtube, let’s do it differently!

I’ve got few questions from people around the web that I’m going to answer, and if you have more questions about this, just leave a comment and I’ll answer it, or at least I’ll try to give you a good answer!

…I’m questioning if I said questions too many times, that’s a good question.


Q1: How many megapixels does it have?

A1: 24 megapixels, quite a lot, enough to print a picture at high quality on a paper slightly bigger than A4, but because most of us looks at the pictures on their computer or mobile phone, it’s more than enough, as you can see here

Q2: Is the autofocus good?

A2: The canon sl2/200d has a flip screen that helps you see what the camera sees. Non male, non male… right, the autofocus, yes, the Canon sl2/200d has the so-called “dual pixel” autofocus, what is it? You might ask, the official documentation about the Canon dual pixel autofocus says: Dual pixel autofocus: “Each pixel on the CMOS imaging sensor has two separate, light-sensitive photodiodes…” ok, never mind, you just need to know that this is one of the best, if not the best, autofocus on the market! And you can see it for yourself in this video

Q3: Can I take selfies with it?

A3: Haven’t you read the previous answer? Oh, you just jumped directly at this one? Oh, ok, alright… as I was showing in the previous answer, the Canon sl2/200d has a flip screen that allows you to see what the camera can see. On top of it, you can plug an HDMI cable in the camera and into an external monitor, or television, and have a much bigger picture of yourself! Great, isn’t it? But it doesn’t end here! Using the Canon app, you can connect your phone to the camera via wifi and be able to see and control the camera directly from your phone!

Q4: Is it heavy to carry around?

A4: Not exactly what I’d call heavy, but it depends on the lens you use with it, with the kit lens it’s a fairly light camera, easy to carry around, but if we put some heavy lens, then… it… becomes… heavy… that… I just… I just repeated twice the same thing, haven’t I?

Comunque, if you use the 10-18mm lens, it’s really easy to carry around, and with a tripod like a Jobi gorillapod you can easily walk around and record your vlog!

Q5: Do I need an external microphone?

A5: Decide it by yourself by watching the above video for the different audio quality! But if you want a better quality you should get an external microphone, there are few on the market made by Boya that are really good quality for cheap price, like the Boya BY-MM1, that you can buy on amazon new for £26/$30, (a video and an article dedicated to audio is coming soon, just subscribe on my YouTube channel and bookmark this website!)

Q6: Why would I need this camera if I can use my phone?

A6: well, ehm, yeah, you can use your phone but… but…. Ha! Can your phone flip the screen? eh? oh… front facing camera, forgot about it… ehm… ha! yes, can your phone change lenses? ta-da! Here is the biggest reason why you need this camera if you want to start photography, or filmmaking, or vlogging. The Canon sl2/200d, like all the DSLR and mirrorless cameras, have interchangeable lenses, meaning that you can change the focal length of the camera by just changing the lens, and achieve amazing pictures, or videos, with that bokeh effect! Oh, maybe is better if I explain what the bokeh is… the bokeh is the out of focus background, you can achieve it using different lenses, and it helps pop up the subject and separate it from the background. And, it doesn’t end there, lenses are the most important part for a photographer or filmmaker and, although some of them are really expensive, they will follow you in time. A body can become obsolete, new technologies might come out, as it’s happening already, and for professional or personal reason, you will want to update your body to something more modern at some point, but, indovinate, the lenses you purchased since the beginning can still be used with the newer body! And even if you’ll move into a mirrorless body, you can find adapters on the market that will allow you to use those lenses on the mirrorless body! Amazing, really, is it enough of an answer on why you should get this camera?

Find out the best vlogging kit on a budget on my account! You can just click on the images and be redirected to the amazon website where you can buy all the stuff!

Q7: I’m just starting to learn, why should I buy this camera instead of the Canon 1Dx?

A7: First of all, because, as you said, you are learning, you might not even like taking photos, or videos, or vlogging, or whatever else, so why spend the big money now? And a more expensive camera doesn’t mean a better photographer, or filmmaker, the Canon sl2/200d is great for beginners, for learners, and for people who just want to get good pictures of their kids, food, or pet, without the need of breaking the bank account… Plus if you will break the camera, you are not losing thousands!

Q8: My friend said that you need to edit the video or photos in post-production, to achieve the best results, is it the same with this camera?

A8: It’s the same for every camera, and is not the same for every camera, let me explain it better. When you are starting, and learning, you don’t need to get into post-production immediately, you can leave the camera in A, or auto, mode, and it will do all the job by itself. In auto mode the camera chooses the best settings for the environment you are in, the only issue is when you’ll be in low light conditions, there the camera might struggle. But for beginners, it’s a good start, you won’t have to care about settings, aperture, shutter speed, and all those technicalities, and if you are filming for YouTube, it’ll help you concentrate on your content, rather than the camera’s settings. Once you got your head around how it works, both for photography and videos, you can then start to learn about f stop, shutter speed, and so on, and how to edit your photos and videos. We’ll talk about those settings and the editing in dedicated new videos/article.

Q9: Why did you chose Canon over Nikon?

A9: Well, to be honest, I love Nikon for photography, and with the new cameras Nikon reached great levels even in video making, but the cameras are still over the budget (we are still over £800/$800 for the z50). Don’t get me wrong, Nikon has done a massive step ahead with their new cameras, and so did Lumix and Sony, but the Canon sl2/200d is the best for price/quality/needs you can find today on the market.

Q10: How much does the Canon sl2/200d cost? Can I buy it will less than £400/$400

A10: Hey, that’s cheating! That’s two questions! But… oh well, they are about the same topic, the most important of them all, the price. The Canon sl2/200d brand new comes at £499/$549 with the 18-55mm kit lens, not a bad lens, but not the best for vlogging. And unfortunately for you Luke, it’s over your budget, but fear not! The used marked is full of offers, and you can buy a used Canon sl2/200d for below £350/$350 with the kit lens! And this is on “buy it now” offers on ebay but if you want, by following the auctions, you might find an even cheaper one! You just need to keep an eye on eBay, or on Facebook Market, those are great places to start looking for a used Canon sl2/200d. You might be lucky and find someone selling the camera with other lenses for a good price and well within your budget! And even by getting the one with the “buy it now” offer at £350/$350, you still have money left for the tripod and the microphone, and with this you’ll be ready to take some photo, or video, and start your new journey into this beautiful, amazing, crazy, and mostly pricey, world!

In conclusion, the Canon sl2/200d is a great beginner, and even advanced, camera, perfect for vlogging, or YouTube videos, and for photography, all contained in a really affordable price. The variety of lenses out in the market will let you achieve the look and feel you are so much wanting, without the need of spending thousands. A highly suggested camera to buy in 2020 to upgrade from an older camera, or smartphone, or start your journey!

And with this last question we concluded the first episode of “is it worth it?”. If you found it instructive and motivating, or if I was able to clear some questions, or if you have any questions about the Canon sl2/200d, or other cameras, just write in the comment section below and I’ll try to help you as I can!

Grazie a tutti! Ciao

Do you think the Canon 200D is worth buying? Or better something else? Let me know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to check the other articles too!