GVM RGB-10s review 2020

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The GVM RGB-10s light is a great, and cheap, RGB light that gives you many ways of lightning your video, scene, or photos but is it worth it?

So you want to buy a new light but you don’t know if you want to get a normal white light or an RGB light; or you’re looking to buy the GVM RGB-10s and you don’t now if it’s worth the money you’re a bit afraid.

Well, look no further we’re gonna discover this together today.

The GVM RGB-10s light package available on Amazon

First of all let’s start with the price, it’s a cheap(ish) RGB light, it comes at £70 and you can find it on Amazon (Link UK hereLink US here) for more information you can click on the link and have a look at it yourself (you might find some discount!).

But if you came here because you’re looking to buy a new light and you don’t know if you want to buy a normal white light, or if you want to buy an RGB light, or if it’s worth to spend its money for this light itself if it’s any good well, look no further!

Let’s start to talk about the light, it’s an RGB so we know that, other than the normal white colours it, has a range of RGB red green and blue colours an all the mix between them.

This light comes with its own battery (as you can see from the picture above), it’s a normal NPF battery so if you have already other lights hat use NPF batteries, or have cameras that use NPF batteries you’ll be ready to go! And if you don’t have NPF batteries then have a look at those links on Amazon (Link UK hereLink US here) they are cheap to buy and always worth to have some more.

The light comes with its own charger, and that’s something that not all the lights have, you got this little NPF charger with the American plug, but don’t worry, it comes with an adapter, so if you live in EU or UK you’ll receive the light with the plug adapter included. Although is a bit clumsy, so if you have another NPF battery charger then go for that, I wouldn’t use this one I tried it and had two batteries falling down from the wall so not a good one unfortunately.

But that’s the only bad point about this light, it comes with the stand to put under the light, it has a hot and cold shoe together so you can put it on top of the camera, you can put it on top of a tripod or whatever.

Let’s talk about size, I spoke about another small and portable light the Neewer 176s (you can see the video on my YouTube channel), it’s small, portable, works with a battery or it can be plugged in a power plug and can be kept on for a long time, the GVM RGB-10s is exactly the same, it works with batteries it has the hole for the power plug so you can plug it in a normal DC 12 volt power plug and have it on as long as you want (or until you pay the bills and the electricity doesn’t run out).

Size wise if we compare them the GVM is slightly bigger but weight wise it’s the same weight, it’s pretty light light…

LEDs as we said before we got tons of them we got both white and RGB LEDs and now let’s talk about the light itself.

First of all once the battery is charged, it comes with like 50 percent charge so I’d suggest to put it under charge for an hour or two so it’s ready once it’s charged, we got the button and back to turn it on, at back it has a small monitor, on this monitor you can check the brightness and color temperature when it’s in white mode, by pushing the HUE/SAT/CCT knob at the back we move into the RGB mode.

In this mode we can change the colour, we have 300 different colour combinations that we can chose, and by clicking the knob again we move into saturation mode, that will allow to change the colour saturation adding more possible combinations.

So, with the GVM RGB-10s we got:
– white light (warm yellowish/cool ice white)
– over 300 combinations of colours
– battery or power plug powered
– monitor to check on the light’s settings and battery status

Another great option of this light is that it can be controlled through the GVM app (both for Android and iOS devices). The GVM RGB-10s light has Wi-Fi, so once your phone is connected via Wi-Fi to the light, you can then remotely control all its settings (in the video you’ll see how everything works). You can connect up to 11 lights to a single app, giving you the possibility of controlling multiple lights at the same time.

Personally I do love this light and I’m gonna buy some more later on for 70 quid for the new one on Amazon (Link UK hereLink US here) I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything better.

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